Sparking Children’s Summertime Imagination


Summertime is an exciting time for children. All of a sudden, they have nothing but free time. Time to be lazy and lie on the grass a watch the clouds.  Many children seem to get lost in the wonder of their imaginations, while others may need a little nudging in the right direction. There are many things that parents can do to encourage children’s imagination.

  • Encourage pretend play

Young children love to play make-believe. Make a closet or trunk filled with items that they could use – clothes, jewellery, hats, sunglasses, necklaces, scarves, or anything else that can spark imagination.

  • Make an Art Box

Fill a box with all kinds of art supplies, from toothpicks to cotton balls, beads and magazines, paper and coloured pencils. Old post cards and wrapping papers have a place in the art supply box. Always ask yourself it things can be recycled, like paper boxes and containers.

Spend some time making a GIANT artwork together. A patchwork poster of summer drawings and pictures.

  • Explore storytelling

Make up funny and hilarious stories using pictures. Or use the camera to take photos of toys and friends and make up stories.

  • Make a Reading Nook

Read stories together. Make this moment magical by making a reading nook. A tent in the garden, throw an old sheet over the table or just lie on the grass and read together. Imagine what it would be like to live in the story. How would you solve the problems? What would you do if something similar happened to you? Or even can you make the story even more magical, exciting, or scary?


  • Make Toys

Making your own toys is great fun. Use inspiration from stories, rhymes and jokes that you have read. Make Popsicle stick puppets and put up a little play using the puppets.

  • TV and Computer Games

There are many great TV programmes. Watch and TV programmes together and talk about what happens.  Enjoy the time together. Select and choose the computer games together. There are many great games but try to keep TV and computer games to a minimum.



Photo: “Little Girl Playing On Green Grass” by David Castillo Dominici;  One Perfect Day;   Vintage Revivals