Biomimicry for Young Children – Magic DinoPills

What if you were a dentist?

Can you invent something inspired by dinosaurs?

Magnificent plant-eating dinosaurs provided inspiration for the idea of Magic DinoPills.

The long-necked, plant-eating giants such as Diplodocus and Camarasaurus grew new teeth every couple of months. Their diet consiting of plants such a trees, bushes, cycads, ginkgoes and ferns worn down their teeth, Some dinsaurs had several baby teeth in each socketjust waiting to replace the old teeth. Up to nine baby teeth has been found.

Dinosaurs had teeth that were thinner than the teeth many mamals have today. So the tooth replacement can been seen as a way to favour quantity or qaulity. But the idea to grow new teeth is interesting.

Can you think of situations when it migth be good to grow new teeth?

  • If your teeth are broken or knocked-out
  • If you are old and are losing your teeth
  • If you have a chronic gum diesese.

Our idea was to make a Magic DinoPill that the dentist can prescribe. This Magic DinoPill will help you to grow new strong teeth.

What is the secret ingredient in these magic DinoPills?

Well, we thougth that the ferns provided the dinosaurs with all that was needed to help them grow new teeth. So the magic bottle is filled with ferns.

As always, the aim is to be inspired and to look at different ways that plants and animals have solved problems. A touch of magic helps young children to feel inpired and to use this as a stepping stone to get new ideas.



You find this booklet on Teachers Pay Teachers and TES.